Tuesday 20th July 2021

As you know, Victoria's lockdown has been extended for at least another week, due to this Women Connect will remain closed until at least next Wednesday. But we have not forgotten about you. We are reaching out to check- in and make sure everyone is staying safe and as comfortable as possible during this hard time. 

If you would like a friendly chat with one of our volunteers, or to join our group zoom call later this week, please let us know by emailing womenconnect@pical.org.au and we will send you more details. 


Some parts of PICAL are still open to support you through this,

Emergency Food Relief for local residents experiencing food insecurity. Open between 10am -2pm Monday to Friday. If you are unable to attend the centre due to isolation requirements please ring the office on 5952 1131 and leave a message for us to contact you directly.

Centrelink is open between 9am -2pm Monday to Friday. Only 1 person is permitted in the office at a time so please dress for weather conditions and be prepared to wait outside. 


If you are struggling, please know that you are not alone, we are still here to support you (just virtually at the moment).


Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Women Connect, in partnership with INZync have produced our 2021-2024 Strategic Plan.


This plan gives a clear vision of the future direction of our program and services and has allowed us to determine how we can have the biggest positive impact on women in our local community in the most cost-effective way.


BIG Thanks to the generous support of the Bass Coast Shire Council for their support in funding this project.


Our Strategic Plan Overview is downloadable via the PDF link below - and the full Strategic Plan can be emailed on request at womenconnect@pical.org.au

Women Connect Year in Review 2020.png

Our Year in Review 2020

COVID 19 hit Women Connect and our services hard. The tactile, high-risk nature of our co-working space (think keyboards, shared touch screens, shared printers, desks and bathroom/laundry facilities) meant that we had to continually adapt and re-arrange our space to keep it safe.


As an essential service, we needed to find fast solutions to stay accessible and relevant to local women.


Our "Year in Review" outlines some of our successes, challenges and highlights from a year we all all remember!